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Application Effect Of Plant Essential Oil In Aquaculture

- Apr 23, 2018 -

Application Effect of Plant Essential Oil in Aquaculture

The call for “reduction  resistance” and “forbidden resistance” in animal husbandry is increasing, and the search for “resistance” products becomes more urgent. The role of plant essential oils in antibacterial activities and in improving the intestinal health of animals is unquestionable. Therefore, in the “replacement” products, plant essential oils are obviously the best choice. This provides more room for the future development of plant essential oils.

This article reviews the application of plant essential oils in aquaculture.

 Plant essential oil is a volatile liquid with strong odor and aroma,which extracted from various plant tissues such as solids, leaves, flowers and roots. It is an efficient and safe plant-derived drug with antibacterial, antiviral and antiparasitic properties. , Anti-fungal, enhance the body's immune function, improve animal anti-stress ability and improve animal production performance, etc., is currently one of the focus and hot spots of new feed additives research and development.

Effect of Plant Essential Oil on Growth Performance of Aquatic Animals

  In the study of oregano oil-related essential oils, Wang Mengqiang and others have shown that the addition of plant essential oils (combined oils such as citrus oil and oregano oil) can compensate for the impedimental growth effect caused by reducing the fishmeal content in feed (Wang Mengqiang et al., 2015). Adding oregano oil to the feed of Penaeus vannamei can significantly increase the rate of weight gain (Ching et al., 2008); and the addition of thymol to feed can significantly increase the growth rate and increase feed utilization (Shehata et al., 2013).

 Studies have shown that the addition of orange peel oil to tilapia diets has a significant growth-promoting effect (Acar, et al., 2014). Addition of fennel oil or garlic oil to tilapia diets can increase survival rate, weight gain rate, specific growth rate, and decrease feed rate (Hassaan and Soltan, 2016), while wolfberry fodder supplementation has no effect on growth performance (Saccol et al. , 2013)

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