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Additional Tariffs On China Imports To Hinder US Feed Sector

- Sep 21, 2018 -

Additional tariffs on China imports to hinder US feed sector

The American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) expressed disappointment with the announcement of the US Trade Representative Office (USTR).

The USTR plans to impose an additional 10% tariff on Chinese imports valued at $200 million that came into effect on September 24, 2018.

Negative impact on the US animal feed sector

US animal feed manufacturers use many different types of ingredients in animal feed and pet food and rely on imports of some domestically supplied ingredients. In addition, the various ingredients produced globally give them more choices about where and how to purchase their ingredients. U.S. tariffs on Chinese products have had a negative impact on the US animal feed industry in the form of retaliatory measures against Chinese products exported to China. In addition, due to US actions last Monday, retaliatory measures further exacerbated this trade war, continuing to hinder the US feed industry's ability to produce safe, quality and reasonably priced feed products, as well as maintaining and increasing market opportunities and entering China.



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Seeking discussions with China

Gina Tumbarello, Director of International Policy and Trade at AFIA, said: "AFIA and its members value free and fair global trade and mutual respect among trading partners. Increasing tariffs on Chinese products limits commercial circulation and stifles fair competition and fair competition, and Leading to retaliatory measures that further damage the animal feed industry. China is an important market with greater potential, but the government's actions are not to help the US animal feed industry gain market access, but to further hinder it. We encourage our trade officials Seek to discuss with China to solve problems instead of continuing to resort to tariffs."

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