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2018 China International Intensive Livestock Exhibition

- Jun 22, 2018 -

2018 China International Intensive Livestock Exhibition

The exhibition "VIV Europe 2018" covering the whole industry chain from "feed to food" took place on June 20 local time in Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, The Netherlands. The exhibition attracted nearly 600 companies from all over the world to participate in the show,including a strong lineup from China.And it had earned enough attention from on-site customers and viewers.The exhibitors of the Chinese pavilion come from various fields including feed ingredients, deep processing of corn, feed additives, animal health products, feed and livestock machinery, and breeding equipment and equipment. A total of 44 exhibitors participated in the exhibition.



The reporter learned at the scene that Chinese companies not only exhibited more exhibits, but also had prominent booth locations. Most of the displayed products also generally had high scientific and technological content and independent intellectual property rights, fully embodying that Chinese enterprises were “made in China” after “going out”. The quiet transformation to "created in China."

More technological content on “made in China

The “China Wave” at the scene is undoubtedly a scenic line for this year's VIV Europe. Apart from more and more Chinese brands participating, the technological development of Chinese companies has also attracted worldwide attention. Fengshang, Zhengchang, Challenge, Huijia, Lidar, Shandong Jujia, Wuxi Zhengda, Inner Mongolia Baik and other old and new “faces” from China all displayed the latest products with core competitiveness, and passed full stickiness. The interaction greatly enhanced the customer's on-site experience and attracted many exhibitors to stop and communicate.



More international market strategy

The internationalization of enterprises is not to think of the world in China, but to think about the future of the world from a global perspective. Most of the exhibiting companies mentioned the overseas market strategy of the company and all said that they used to regard “local” as the headquarters of management, decision-making and research and development, and defined “overseas” as a new space for exploiting resources and marketing. In recent years, with the improvement of scientific and technological capabilities, companies have begun to implement a truly global resource allocation and distribution, and achieved a strategic shift from “localization” to “globalization”.



More valuable Chinese services

In the face of diversified cultures, diversified values, and technological advancements, internationalization means that companies must not only integrate global resources, but also have the ability to serve global customers. Another outstanding change brought to you by Chinese exhibitors at this exhibition is the more valuable Chinese service. When interviewed by reporters, most companies stated that in addition to their excellent products, they also need to establish a service system that can withstand market inspections and customer inspections. With the spirit of win-win cooperation, mutual trust and mutual benefit, they can pinpoint the pain points of global customer needs and adapt quickly. The demand of overseas markets can accelerate the pace of “going out”.

At present, the global economic globalization, regional economic integration, global economic growth, and trade and investment patterns are undergoing profound adjustments. The world economy is undergoing transformation and upgrading. China has shifted from the original extensive resource input to the precise implementation of intensive cultivation. From the original world's low-cost factories to innovators and manufacturers, the Chinese government has proposed a major initiative of the “Belt and Road Initiative” to give The “three-phase superposition” of the shift period, painful period, and digestive period provides new directions and possibilities for China’s economic reforms. It stimulates the development of vitality and cooperation potential in the region and gives Chinese companies more room to expand their hands and feet.

In this exhibition, the Chinese pavilion used the world-famous exhibition VIV Europe 2018 to interpret the most beautiful attitude of “going out” with its own strength and self-confidence, and made the world recognize and recognize “China’s intellectual creation”.

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