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Zinc Enriched Nutritional Yeast

Zinc-Enrich yeast not only has the biological effects of trace element nutrients, but also greatly reduces the toxicity of trace mineral salts, changing the body's absorption and utilization. Then, the reason why use yeast as a carrier for trace elements is that yeast itself is a good nutrient and rich in proteins. At the same time, yeast is still an excellent source of vitamins B. At present, there is still no other food containing abundant B vitamins like yeast. What’s more, yeast cells contain a-amylase, protease, hemicellulase, phosphatase, etc. Medicinal yeast has been used as a digestive aid. In summary,Zinc-Enrich yeast has features like safe, no gastrointestinal irritation, balanced nutrition, and could be a good zinc supplementation.

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Product Details

Product name: zinc enriched nutritional yeast

Product summarize:

Zinc is one of the essential trace elements. Zinc Enriched Yeast makes use of edible saccharomyces cerevisiae added ionized zinc, via living yeast cells themselves rich enzymes convert inorganic zinc ion into organic selenium forms. The organic zinc of zinc enriched yeast, 51% in the yeast cell wall, 45% in the short peptide, amino acid. The remaining distribution in the mitochondria and microsomes. During the period of yeast propagation, the majority of zinc and the cell wall’s large molecules combine to form a polysaccharide protein zinc complex, its bioavailability is higher than inorganic zinc.


●Enhance immunity, maintaining normal metabolism and promote physical development.

● Promote appetite, improve intelligence and improve immunity.

● Promote the absorption of calcium, copper and ferrous.

Content specification:

Convention 20000mg/kg

Packing specification:

1kg/Al-bag  25kg/drum

Reference Dosage:

Base on 2000 mg/kg content, recommended daily dosage of 100mg


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