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Selenium-enriched Yeast

Selenium is an indispensable trace element in animal physiology. At present, the source of selenium in China is mainly inorganic compound sodium selenite. These products have the disadvantages of low absorption rate and high toxicity. Therefore, the addition of inorganic selenium can not achieve the ideal selenium-enriching effect, but also pollute the environment and pose potential harm to animals. Yeast selenium is a high-quality organic selenium source with high absorption rate. After meeting the physiological requirements of selenium in animals, it can also be stored in animals to avoid selenium deficiency in the short term.

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Product Details

Selenium-enriched yeast

Product summarize

Selenium is an essential trace elements in human body, which involved in human body synthesize glutathione. It has very important physiological functions. Selenium Enriched Yeast makes use of edible saccharomyces cerevisiae added inorganic selenium, via living yeast cells themselves rich enzymes convert inorganic selenium ion into organic selenium forms. The main existence form is iseleno-methionine selenium, seleno-l-cysteine and others.  mainly of sulfur in the form of amino acids. Selenium Enriched Yeast is the most effective, safest, and the most balanced nutrition selenium supplement by far.



● Selenium can directly act on the virus, inhibit the replication of the virus in the body, and can

participate in the repair of cells, to prevent a variety of viral diseases (such as hepatitis B,myocarditis, etc.).

● Selenium can neutralize or transform free radical, anti-oxidation, so as to eliminate the damage

of free radical to human body, as well as has the function of delaying senility.

● Selenium is a killer of cancer cells, can reduce the toxic side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, reduce the toxicity of anticancer drugs to the kidney, bone marrow and stomach,relieve the pain of patients.

● Selenium can protect the liver cell membrane and protect the liver.

● Regulation of thyroid hormones.


Content specification

Convention 2000mg/kg


Packing specification

1kg/Al-bag  25kg/drum


Reference Dosage

Base on 2000 mg/kg content, recommended daily dosage of 100mg

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