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Iron-enriched Yeast

Iron-rich yeast is also known as yeast iron or iron yeast. Iron is an indispensable trace element for the human body. Among the more than a dozen essential trace elements, iron is the first in terms of importance and quantity. A normal adult contains 3 g of iron, which is equivalent to the mass of a small nail. The iron in hemoglobin is the carrier of oxygen in the body. It transports the oxygen absorbed by the lungs to various tissues of the body for oxidation of cells. It transports the carbon dioxide produced by the oxidation of cells to the lungs. Iron is also the main component of cytochrome and several other coenzymes.

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Product Details

Iron-enriched yeast

【Product summarize】

Ferrous is one of the essential trace elements in human body. It’s the cofactor whcih constitues hemoglobin, myoglobin, cytochrome enzyme system. And it’s also a component of catalase. It plays an important role in the oxygen transfer, exchange and tissue respiration in organisms. It has very important physiological functions. Ferrous Enriched Yeast makes use of edible saccharomyces cerevisiae added ionized iron, via living yeast cells themselves rich enzymes convert inorganic ferrous ion into organic ferrous forms. The main form of intracellular organic ferrous is the organic combination of ferrous and amino acids, polysaccharides, peptides and so on.



● Participate in the composition of heme, muscle protein, cytochrome.

● Improve immunity, prevent ferrous-deficiency anemia and other diseases.


Content specification

Convention 20000mg/kg


Packing specification

1kg/Al-bag  25kg/drum


Reference Dosage

Base on 20000 mg/kg content, recommended daily dosage of 200mg

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