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Chromium-rich Yeast

Chromium can increase the anti-stress ability of animals and affect the immune response. As a feed additive, chromium can improve feed utilization, promote growth, improve carcass quality, and improve reproductive performance. Adding yeast chromium preparation to animal feed can not only reduce the harm of inorganic chromium to animal organisms, but also effectively improve the protein synthesis ability of animal body and increase the content of various enzyme proteins required in the process of muscle protein synthesis in the body. Promotes muscle protein synthesis, increases lean meat rate, reduces fat deposition, and improves livestock meat

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Product Details

 chromium-rich yeast

【Product summarize】

Chromium is a natural blood sugar control agent, which is the human body’s essential trace elements. It plays a special role in the metabolism of glucose and lipid metabolism. Chromium Enriched Yeast makes use of edible saccharomyces cerevisiae added inorganic chromium, via living yeast cells themselves rich enzymes convert inorganic chromium ion into organic chromium forms. Chromium Enriched Yeast not only contains high chromium content, but also contains abundant  protein, nucleic acid, glycogen, lipid, biotin, a variety of B vitamins, sterols and other a variety of trace elements. The absorption rate of chromium Enriched Yeast is 311% of chromium picolinate, and 672% of chromium chloride .


● Enhance insulin activity, control blood sugar.

● Regulate fat storage and help weight loss.

● Reduce blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels, prevent cardiovascular disease.

● To correct the impaired glucose tolerance of chromium deficient children and  patients with long-term parenteral nutrition.

【Content specification】

Convention 2000mg/kg

【Packing specification】

1kg/Al-bag  25kg/drum

【Reference Dosage】

Base on 2000 mg/kg content, recommended daily dosage of 100mg

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