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Which feeds often cause pig poisoning?

- Jan 30, 2019 -

Which feeds often cause pig poisoning?

Pig feed poisoning can occur all year round, and more in spring, summer and autumn. Poisoning affects growth and development. So it is necessary to strengthen prevention in peacetime. It cannot be fed with the following kinds of feeds:

First, the germinated potato and its stems and leaves.

Due to the large amount of sylvestre in the germ, it can cause toxic paralysis.

Second, fresh and tender sorghum seedlings, corn seedlings and fresh flaxseed.

Hydrocyanic acid poisoning is often caused by a large amount of hydrocyanic acid saccharides.

Third, moldy and mixed, mixed feed, cereal, bran, beans, potatoes and mildew cakes.

Poisoning due to a variety of molds and toxins including Aspergillus flavus, erythromycin, and rust.

Fourth,Cotton seed cakes and tea seed cakes that have not been detoxified.

After the pigs are fed, they are poisoned by poisoning enzymes, microorganisms or water, causing poisoning, anorexia or death.

Fifth,A large number of juicy vegetables, leaves, grasses, etc.

Have accumulated heat or become rot. Because it is rich in nitrous acid, the pig is poisoned after being reduced to nitrite after feeding, and the green feed stored in the pot after cooking is also prone to nitrite poisoning

Sixth, Excessive feeding of distiller's grains or soy sauce slag often causes alcohol or salt poisoning.

If any of the above poisoning cases have occurred, use one or more of the following types of first aid:

1% of methylene blue (methylene blue), 20% sodium nitrite or 20% sodium thiosulfate, 40% marinose, and intramuscular or subcutaneous injections such as sodium oxalate, magnesium sulfate, and glucose saline. Dosage according to the doctor's advice or according to the instructions, can also be used thiosulfate, baking soda, magnesium sulfate, etc. according to the length of poisoning time, the size of the pig, etc., use vomiting and diarrhea to relieve symptoms.


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