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When treating pig diseases, these kinds of feeds must not be fed!

- Jan 16, 2019 -

When treating pig diseases, these kinds of feeds must not be fed!

 It is a very difficult thing for the farmer to get sick. In the process of growing pigs, there are diseases like this, and they will be treated with veterinary drugs. Today, Xiaobian introduces you to several major economic and feeding requirements for treating swine diseases.


One bogey: Treating diseases without preventing disease

Many diseases are caused by nutrition and the environment is not in place. Nutrition is the basis of all immunity. Lack of nutrition leads to low immunity of pigs, which can easily cause diseases. The environment is not in place. Temperature and humidity will affect the occurrence and recovery of diseases. Dietary nutrition and environmental sanitation are not improved, and medications are used for treatment. Once the symptoms are improved, they cannot solve the problem fundamentally.

Second bogey: use a large amount of antipyretics

Many pig farmers generally can't get rid of drugs when they treat pig diseases, and they will use large doses and continuous use. Some pigs that have no symptoms of fever or some body temperature have dropped to normal. Pigs, still using antipyretics, this is a very incorrect approach, long-term, high-dose use will cause porcine leukopenia, immunity, and the body temperature should be stopped immediately.

Three bogey: application of penicillin for the treatment of gastrointestinal infections

Penicillin has strong antibacterial activity and few side effects. It is a good antibiotic for the treatment of swine diseases. It is treated with penicillin for gastrointestinal infection, gastroenteritis and colibacillosis. This is wrong. You should use lincomycin and berberine. Treatment, etc.

Four bogey: only antibiotics for dyspepsia diarrhea

Diarrhea is a common disease in pigs. Sick pigs with diarrhea symptoms are usually caused by indigestion. For such diarrhea, pig farmers are also often treated with antibiotics, and the treatment effect is very poor. For such dyspeptic diarrhea, oral digestive drugs such as multi-enzyme tablets and yeast tablets should be taken. It is possible to add a certain amount of "fermented feed" to the feed, so that the pig can establish a beneficial intestinal flora, maintain the balance of the intestinal flora, enhance immunity, reduce the administration of medicine, and help digestion and absorption to prevent diarrhea caused by indigestion. Enhance nutrient metabolism and promote feed intake.

Five bogey: only drive the pig once in a lifetime

Deworming pigs is an important part. The incidence of parasitic diseases in pigs is very high. Deworming should be carried out regularly, and insects should be driven every 45 days or so. Instead of giving the pig a worm once in a lifetime.


When taking medicine for pigs, in order to improve the efficacy of the medicine, attention should be paid to feeding. For example, some feeds cannot be fed, such as bran, salt, soybeans, etc. The specific feeds that should be stopped are as follows:

Bran: Bran is a high-phosphorus, low-calcium feed with a ratio of about 4:1. Bran should be stopped when treating rickets.

Salt: When treating kidney disease, stop feeding salt.

Sulfonamides: When using sulfur-containing drugs such as calcium sulfate, sodium sulfate, etc., sulfa drugs should be stopped.

Soy: Soy contains more calcium, magnesium and other elements, and can be combined with tetracycline, oxytetracycline, doxycycline, etc. into a water-insoluble, difficult-to-absorb complex. When using tetracycline drugs, the beans should be stopped. Class and cake feed.

Cottonseed cake: Cottonseed cake affects the absorption and utilization of vitamin A. When anti-vitamin A is lacking, cotton seed cake should be stopped.

Blood meal: The protein content of blood powder is relatively high, generally about 80%. When applying traditional Chinese medicine, such as raw land, rehmannia, Polygonum, and Pinellia, blood powder should be stopped.

Calcium feed: When using tetracycline, stop feeding lime, bone powder, shell powder, eggshell powder, etc.

Malt: When using a prolactin, stop feeding malt and have a milk back effect due to malt.

Sorghum: Because sodium citrate can decompose sodium bicarbonate, reducing the efficacy. When using sodium bicarbonate to control pig diseases, feeds containing more citrate such as sorghum should be stopped.

Trichlorfon: When using trichlorfon to expel parasites, stop feeding feed additives containing baking soda. Because of the strong alkalinity of baking soda, it can turn trichlorfon into a highly toxic dichlorvos.


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