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What should I pay attention to when purchasing feed?

- Jan 30, 2019 -

What should I pay attention to when purchasing feed?

1. The color of the feed is yellow, and it is not necessary to have a nutritional compound feed to pay attention to the comprehensiveness and balance of its nutrients, and the depth of the feed color is not directly related to the nutritional value of the feed itself.

In the plant protein feed, the color of the bean cake  is light yellow, and its nutritional value and palatability are relatively good. People think that the feed color is light yellow, that is, the bean cake  is used in a large amount and the quality is good. The color of the cake and the cotton cake is relatively deep, and the palatability is slightly poor, which is considered bad. This is actually a misunderstanding. In fact, as long as it can be scientifically and reasonably matched, it can still be equipped with a comprehensive and balanced diet, and can reduce costs and obtain better economic benefits. In order to cater to people's "lean" mentality, some feed manufacturers have added some chemical pigments in the production process to replenish their products, expand sales, and harm consumers. Farmers must not prevent them.

2. The aroma of the feed is strong, and the quality of the feed is not necessarily matched.

The smell of the feed should be based on the inherent odor of the feed. In the compound feed, a flavoring agent such as a flavoring agent, a sweetener, a flavoring agent, a salting agent, etc., may be added. It can improve the palatability of feed, stimulate appetite and feed conversion rate, and promote the growth of livestock and poultry. However, they only change the physical properties of the feed. The nutritional value of the feed itself is not great. If one-sided pursuit of sensory effect, excessive addition may have some toxic side effects (such as salt poisoning), and even affect the quality of the carcass and reduce the utilization rate of its products.

3.The feed has an astringent taste and is not necessarily a fish meal.

The quality of high-quality fishmeal in animal protein feed is relatively high, and the various amino acids are relatively balanced. (feedguy) is good in palatable, easy to digest and absorb. It is a good protein feed, but because of its limited production, the price Relatively high, the feed mill generally does not mix too much, but adds a fishy scented attractant such as fish scent to increase the fish scent of the feed, which means that the size of the fish scent of the feed is not fully proved. The user should have a clear understanding of the amount of fishmeal contained in the feed.

4.The protein content is high and the feed is not necessarily good.

Protein is the most basic substance of life activities, and it is an essential nutrient in feed. In livestock and poultry diet, there must be enough protein feed to meet its growth and development needs. But not the more protein, the better, because in the different growth stages, the body's absorption and utilization of protein is different, and the protein is supplied too much. Not only can livestock and poultry not be fully converted into body protein, but also through the body. Operation, and then consumed as energy feed, not only wastes protein feed, but also increases the burden on the kidneys of livestock and poultry, affecting the health of livestock and poultry, not worth the candle. Especially in the current situation where protein feed is relatively scarce, it is even less important to add excess protein feed to livestock and poultry diets.

5. After feeding, the feces are black, and it is difficult to prevent loss.

Identify the advantages and disadvantages of feed, mainly depends on the effect after feeding. However, some farmers often mistakenly believe that the black feed after feeding is a good feed. In fact, this may be caused by the addition of high doses of copper to the feed and does not necessarily indicate the quality of the feed.

6. It is difficult to say that the quality is high after sleeping.

Pig farmers always want pigs to sleep and sleep, which can reduce energy consumption, save feed and promote growth. To this end, some feed manufacturers have added sedatives and hypnotics to the feed in violation of regulations, so that pigs can eat and sleep; once pigs eat such feeds, they will reduce the quality of the meat, and thus people's food safety.

Then, how to choose the compound feed to ensure the success of the breeding? The following five aspects of the feed identification:

1. Look at the color of the feed.

A certain type of feed of a certain brand, its color is relatively stable for a certain period of time. Due to the different colors of various feed ingredients, different manufacturers have different formulations. Therefore, it cannot be measured by a uniform color standard, but if we change the color too much when purchasing the same brand, it should be alert.

2. Smell the smell of the feed.

A good concentrate should have a pure fishy smell instead of a odor or other odor. Some inferior feeds add a higher concentration of flavor in order to cover the musty smell of some metamorphic raw materials, so some feeds are not good feeds, although they are particularly fragrant.

3. Look at the uniformity of the feed.

The quality feed mix of regular manufacturers is very uniform, and there will be no polarization. Inferior feed is difficult to ensure the quality of the feed due to the simple processing equipment. From the outside, each part of the feed has no need to grab one. See the difference.

4.Look at the packaging trademark.

The formal manufacturer's packaging should be beautiful and tidy, the site, telephone, and adaptable varieties, and have trademarks registered in the industrial and commercial department. Many of the fake and shoddy products on the packaging site, the phone is fake, there is no registered trademark, the registered trademark on the upper right has R mark.

5. Look at the date of production.

Although some feeds are high-quality feeds produced by regular manufacturers, if the shelf life is exceeded, the feed will inevitably deteriorate. Even if the storage is good, the potency of vitamins and other nutrients in the feed will be reduced, which will affect the feeding effect. It is also important to note that it is best to purchase the feed once in the shelf life.

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