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What is the cause of postpartum sputum in sows?

- Jan 25, 2019 -

What is the cause of postpartum sputum in sows?

It is often heard that some farmers has reported that their sow cannot stand up. In fact, the sow cannot stand up and is also a symptom of sow lice. Sow sputum usually occurs about 30 days after delivery. It usually shows that it can't stand, it is difficult to move, and some even scream and not eat. If the treatment is not appropriate, the sow has only a portion of the elimination.

There are many reasons for sows, but in general the diet structure is unscientific. The most important thing is that the imbalance of calcium and phosphorus in the sow is also known as calcium deficiency. The reason for the lack of calcium may be because the proportion of concentrate in the sow diet is too high, compared to the roughage, the concentrate can not adjust the ratio of calcium to phosphorus. Because the proportion of beans and grains in the concentrate is large, and the phosphorus in beans and grains is in the form of phytate phosphorus, which is not easily absorbed by the sow and cannot meet the phosphorus demand in the sow.

Sow sputum usually occurs 30 days after delivery. This is mainly because the sows consume a lot of calcium and phosphorus in the bones before and after giving birth. If the postpartum nutrition can not keep up, the absorption of calcium and phosphorus is not enough, sows will occur. At the peak of sow lactation, the condition of sputum will be more serious.

The main preventive measure for sows in postpartum is to adjust the diet structure of the sows and mix the feed properly. Try to feed more green fodder and replenish the minerals needed by the sow in time to improve the sow productivity and help the sow to recover. For pregnant sows, it is also possible to increase the feed containing more phosphorus, so as to avoid the loss of calcium and phosphorus during birth.

The sows that have already developed disease should be supplemented with calcium powder in time. They can even be injected into the sow with 5% calcium chloride. They can also be added to the feed after the bones of other poultry are ground. In addition to medical treatment, physical therapy can also be used, for example, using high-alcoholic smears on the skin of sows to help them massage and promote the recovery of sow nerves.

Postpartum sputum is not a must-have for postpartum sows. As long as the usual preventive work is done, the disease can be avoided.


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