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What are the pig feed additives?

- Feb 10, 2019 -

What are the pig feed additives?

First, pine needle powder

Pine needles contain 19 kinds of amino acids, rich in carotene, vitamins, trace elements and anti-microbial pine needle antibiotics. Adding 5% pine needle powder to pig feed can increase the daily gain by 18~30% and shorten the fattening period by 30~60 days.

Second, thenardite

0.5~0.6% Glauber's salt is added to the pig's feed, the daily gain is increased by 20%, the feed utilization rate is increased by 15%, and the pig is healthily ill, the fur is bright, the appetite is strong, and the urine is normal.

Third, kelp powder

Kelp is rich in iodides and minerals, vitamins and active ingredients that stimulate animal growth. Adding 2% kelp powder to the pig's feed, the daily gain can be increased by 23%, and the feed conversion rate is increased by 13%.

Fourth, zeolite

Zeolite is a hydrous silicate mineral containing all the major elements and most trace elements necessary for pig growth and development. Adding 1% zeolite powder to the pig's feed, the average weight gain of pigs can be increased by 10%.

Five, orange peel powder

Orange peel powder has a variety of nutrients, which can improve animal appetite, promote rapid growth and enhance disease resistance. Adding 5% orange peel powder to pig feed, the daily gain can be increased by 12%, the weight loss is 0.28 kg for each kilogram of weight gain, the feed compensation is increased by 10.5%, and the weight and net meat weight are also increased.

6. Evergreen

It contains more than 40 kinds of ingredients such as plant antibiotics, auxins, proteins and vitamins. It can add 3~5 grams of evergreens per 100 kilograms of feed, and the daily gain can be increased by 20~30%.

Seven, silkworm

Adding 5~10% silkworm sand to pig feed can increase daily weight gain by 10~15%, feed conversion rate by 15~20%, and the pig grows well and the coat color is bright, which can reduce the incidence of pig disease.

Eight, copper sulfate

Adding 0.25% copper sulphate to pig feed can increase pig daily weight gain by 16%, feed utilization rate by 5%, and raising cost by about 4%.

Nine, powder

Each piglet is added 10~20g per day, 30~50g big pig, only once a day, and the daily weight gain of pigs can be increased by 10~15%.

X. Zinc sulfate

Each piglet adds 10~20mg per day, and the big pig 30~50mg, which can make the pig grow faster, the appetite is strong, the fur is smooth, and the death is less.

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