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What are the mineral feeds commonly used in pigs?

- Jan 16, 2019 -

What are the mineral feeds commonly used in pigs?

There are mainly salt, shell powder, eggshell powder, limestone powder, red clay, etc., added to the pig diet to supplement the lack of mineral elements in pigs.

(1) Salt: The salt is mainly used to supplement sodium chloride. Adding proper amount of salt to the diet can improve the palatability of the feed, improve the appetite of the pig, and help digestion. If the feed is too large, it will be thinned. Poisoned, even dead. Under normal circumstances, the most suitable amount for each head per day: 15 grams for large pigs, 8-10 grams for shelf pigs, and 5-6 grams for piglets; in diet formulas, suitable dosage: 0.5% for growing and finishing pigs The piglet is 0.3%.

(2) Shell powder: It is obtained by crushing shells and clam shells and used as a supplementary feed for calcium. The shell contains 4% calcium and the usual amount is 1%.

(3) bone powder: bone powder is a high-quality calcium and phosphorus supplement feed, divided into steamed bone powder, raw bone powder and bone charcoal powder. Steamed bone meal is a powder obtained by high-pressure cooking of fresh animal bones and removing organic matter. The calcium content is 38.7% and phosphorus is 20%. It is more common in pigs. The raw bone powder is steamed non-high pressure treated animal bone powder. Contains a large amount of organic matter, hard texture, easy to digest, but easy to spoil, rarely used.

(4) Limestone powder: The powder processed by using a ball mill with limestone containing more than 35% calcium and containing a small amount of iron and iodine is the cheapest and most reliable calcium supplement, and the usual amount is 1%.

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