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The important role of iron preparations in pig production

- Jan 21, 2019 -

The important role of iron preparations in pig production

Piglets always grow fast, and their body weight can reach twice the birth weight one week after birth. At two weeks, the body weight can reach more than three times the weight of the newborn. At 3 weeks, the body weight can reach 4 to 5 times the birth weight. For every additional kilogram, about 50 mg of iron is needed, so the need for iron in piglets has increased dramatically.

The "iron" in the piglet body has three main functions:

(1) Physiological defense and prevention of body infections;

(2) Participate in the metabolism of substances in the body;

(3) Participate in the composition, transport and storage of the carrier.

However, due to the presence of the placental barrier, the iron storage in the newborn piglets is less, only 40-50 mg. At this stage, the formation of red blood cells and the metabolism of the body require 7-16 mg of iron per day for piglets; and the iron content in the milk of the sows. Very low, each piglet can get only about 1 mg of iron per day from the milk; and at this stage, the iron and the absorbed "iron" from the feed are very limited, so it is necessary to supplement the pig with iron.

Below, we have introduced some tips and precautions for the piglet iron supplement for the reference.

1. Piglet iron filling method

At present, there are three main ways to supplement iron in piglets: indirect feeding of sows, oral iron supplementation in piglets and iron supplementation by intramuscular injection.

Although the addition of organic iron to the diet of the sows during the late pregnancy and lactation can improve the iron content in the blood of newborn piglets and effectively prevent anemia in piglets; however, it is not limited to the test conditions, and it has not been widely promoted in production and has received satisfactory results. . The requirement for effective iron supplementation is also not achieved by drinking water or directly feeding iron.

First, the demand for water in newborn piglets is small and does not actively drink water, while iron-containing preparations have poor palatability and the amount of iron supplement cannot be determined;

Second, the addition of drinking water and feed has the problems of large amount of addition and high cost;

Third, the iron dosage is uncontrollable;

Fourth, direct feeding of iron-containing paste requires multiple forced oral administration. The piglets are stressed and cumbersome to operate. Oral iron supplementation can affect the absorption of iron and can not meet the needs of piglets.

Experts compared drinking water, feeding ointment, intramuscular injection of three iron supplementation methods, the best effect of intramuscular iron supplementation.

2, Pig iron dosage

In recent years, due to the excessive promotion and emphasis on the beneficial side of iron for piglets, and ignoring the side of iron that will cause harm to pigs, there has been an over-filling phenomenon. In general, a single iron dose can not exceed 200 mg. If the farm can carry out secondary iron supplementation (150-200 mg according to the weight of the piglet) at 14 to 17 days of age, the pig's growth performance can be better utilized and better economic benefits can be obtained.

3, Correctly master the iron supplement time

The best time for piglets to iron is within 24 hours of piglet birth. After this period of time, the iron deficiency phenomenon of the piglet body has already occurred, and the effect of iron supplementation will be affected later. In particular, the growth rate of piglets in the early stage is affected, which will directly affect the full-term return of feed. However, it is not possible to carry out iron supplementation after this period of time. If the piglet has symptoms of iron deficiency, it should immediately take the iron injection preparation for iron supplementation.

4, Should not be combined with certain drugs

The use of iron preparations together with dilute hydrochloric acid or vitamin C helps to promote the absorption and utilization of iron by the body. However, preparations containing magnesium, aluminum, and calcium may form insoluble complexes or precipitates in the gastrointestinal tract; tetracyclines may form insoluble complexes in the form of "iron"; proglum, acid and anticholinergics Etc., can reduce the acidity of gastric juice, oral iron preparation can affect the absorption of "iron"; carbonate, potassium iodide, citrate protein and other iron meet to form a precipitated substance; vitamin E can bind iron to make it invalid. Therefore, avoid using the above drugs when using iron preparations.

5, After iron supplementation should pay attention to whether the piglets have allergic reactions

Allergic reactions in piglets generally occur within 5 to 10 minutes after iron supplementation, within 2 hours. Allergic reactions in piglets generally include: elevated body temperature, shortness of breath or difficulty, foaming at the mouth, redness of the skin, mucous membranes, cyanosis, screaming, convulsions, and serious shocks and even death. After allergies occur, intramuscular injection of epinephrine (1 mg / support) 1 / head, about 2 hours to recover. Severely responsive piglets can be treated symptomatically, with 10% sodium thiosulfate 400 mg/kg, vitamin C 100 mg, and vitamin B1 100 mg intramuscularly.


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