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Commonly used chicken and mineral feed

- Jan 15, 2019 -

Commonly used chicken and mineral feed

Mineral feed is a kind of feed used to supplement the lack of certain mineral elements in plant feed and animal feed. It generally refers to calcium, phosphorus, sodium, chlorine, etc. in the diet. It is raised in cages and raised in high yield. In case it must be added to the feed.

1. Salt: Salt is mainly used to supplement sodium and chlorine in chickens to ensure normal metabolism in the body. It can also increase the appetite of the chickens. The salt is insufficient, the chicks grow slowly, and the anus is easy to appear, but too much feeding will occur. Salt poisoning, chicks accounted for 0.25-0.3%, and chickens accounted for 0.3-0.4%.

2, bone powder: bone powder contains a lot of calcium and phosphorus, and the proportion is appropriate. Adding bone powder is mainly used for the lack of phosphorus in the feed, the amount in the compound feed can account for 1% -2%.

3, shell powder, stone powder, eggshell powder: shell powder is the best calcium mineral feed powder, high calcium content, and easy to absorb, is the best calcium mineral feed for chicken; eggshell powder is from the food factory The eggshells discarded by the hatchery are prepared by washing, disinfecting, drying and pulverizing. They are also good calcium feeds, which are better combined with shell powder and stone powder.

4, gravel: gravel helps the grinding of the feed in the muscles and stomach, plays the role of "teeth", feeding chicken or cage chicken should pay attention to supplement feeding, when not feeding the gravel, the chicken's ability to digest the feed is greatly reduced. Research, chicken can not eat gravel, feed digestibility is reduced by 20% -30%, so must always supplement the gravel.

5, calcium hydrogen phosphate: calcium hydrogen phosphate containing more than 20% of calcium, phosphorus containing more than 15%, the use of defluorinated calcium hydrogen phosphate in production mainly to supplement the lack of phosphorus in the diet, generally in the diet accounted for 0.5% ~ 2 %.

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