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Zhejiang Yaofi Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd

Since 2014,many new products  produsced by our  company have been widely recognized by the market .Based on the original national invention patent product Masticinic Acid (Patent Number: 96112390.7), it successfully developed Masticinic Acid Enteric Compound feed Acidifier in 2017. It has been declared as a national-level new product. The newly developed Aitejing (Essential Oil series) , which can effectively reduce the use of antibiotics, has been listed as the “South Lake Taihu Elite Project in Zhejiang Province”. Aiteking (the top nitrogen source for rumen microorganisms) has been declared as a provincial-level new product as a feed additive for grain-saving ruminants.


Autumn is the harvest season. It lasted for more than 7 months, online and offline, and was jointly participated by the network, industry-recognized experts and the media. The number of voting people totaled 480,031 times. After data collation and precipitation, "Chinese Dream• The award ceremony of the brand dream “Animal Industry Brand Selection Campaign was held in the afternoon of 9.13. Yaofei Biotech won 20 growth potential brands and won the “Annual Trust Partner Award” from Xaar Media.


In 2017, the company was awarded the director unit of Huzhou Environmental Protection Industry Association.