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Rich Glutathione Yeast Extract 8%

The glutathione-rich yeast extract has both the physiological functions of glutathione and the unique natural, nutrient-rich, and deliciously mellow taste characteristic of yeast extracts. Therefore, it is used in the food and cosmetics industries. Nutrition supplements, preservation and flavor enhancement are widely used.

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Product Details

Product name:Rich glutathione yeast extract 8%

Product summarize:

L-Glutathione-enriched yeast extract is a yeast extract rich in L-glutathione. It mainly make full use of modern biotechnology, intracellular proteins and nucleic acids which is the purified  from natural biological products to degrade. The main components include glutathione, peptides, taste nucleotides, amino acids, B vitamins and trace elements. As a result of the high price of pure glutathione and limited research and application in animal production , the introduction of this product is considered to be able to achieve more. In animal husbandry applications, it will also have a positive impact on the development of the livestock and poultry industry. Whats more,it has been proved that it will be more active than the pure powder feed


● Remove free radicals, peroxides,like heavy metals and aflatoxins.

● Relieve the poisoning symptoms of aquatic animals caused by toxin.

The metabolism of sugar, fat and protein, protect the transportation of liver amino acid and the gastrointestinal tract

Improve immunity, participate in protein synthesis and degradation, regulate gene replication and transcription, and regulate cell growth and many other biological functions.

Content specification:


Packing specification:

1kg/Al-bag  25kg/drum

Reference Dosage:

Add 1 g (3-5) per kg of dry matter



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