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L-Glutathione Reduced CAS 70-18-8

L-Glutathione is reduced to a tripeptide consisting of glutamic acid, cysteine and glycine. L-Glutathione-enriched yeast is obtained by microbial fermentation and then L-glutathione is obtained by isolation and purification by modern technology. It is an important functional factor, with many functions such as anti-oxidation, scavenging free radicals, detoxification, and enhancement. Immunity, anti-aging, anti-cancer, and anti-radiation hazards.

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Product Details

Product name: L-Glutathione Reduced CAS 70-18-8


(1) Radiation sickness and radiation safety: radiation, radioactive substances or because of leukopenia caused by anticancer drugs and other symptoms can play a protective effect. 

(2) To protect the liver, detoxification, inactivation of hormones, and to promote bile acid metabolism and help absorb fat and fat-soluble vitamins digestive tract. 

(3) Anti-allergy, or inflammation caused by hypoxemia in patients with systemic or local, can reduce cell damage and promote repair. 

(4) To improve the course of certain diseases and symptoms as adjuvant drugs. Such as: hepatitis, hemolytic disease, and keratitis, cataract and retinal diseases, such as eye disease and improve vision. 

(5) Easy to speed up the metabolism of acids in the excretion of free radicals, which play a beauty skin care, anti-aging effect.

Content specification:


Packing specification:

1kg/Al-bag  25kg/drum

Reference Dosage:

Ordinary food: Per 100 kg (dry matter) add 3~5 g L-Glutathione Reduced 

Functional oral health care products or oral cosmetics: Each person take 50~100 mg per day

Seasoning or flavoring: Per 100 kg (dry matter) add 3~5 g L-Glutathione Reduced 

Functional beverages or preservation solution: Per 1 kg add 4~6 g L-Glutathione Reduced

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