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Zinc Oxide Powder

the zinc oxide to do the powdery zinc source, the stability is good in the feed, does not contain water, does not agglomerate, the invariability, is advantageous for the feed processing and the standing storage, is small to the feed Vitamin influence.

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Product Details

Zinc oxide powder

Product:  Zinc oxide powder

Active Ingredient: zinc oxide≥50% 

Coating Ingredient:  stearic acid , sodium carboxymethyl cellulose , palmitic acid    

Appearance:  off white particles     

Feature:  Insolubl in water and alcohol, soluble in acid, alkaki and amkonium solution.


❶ Promote the growth of animals

❷ Restrain pathogenic microorganism growth

 Promote beneficial bacteria growth

❹ Avoid exceeding of zinc, reduce zinc pollution.

Usage and Dosage:



Storage: The product should be contained in unopened original package, protected from light in a dry place at low temperature.Once it is opened, please use it up in a short time

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