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Sodium Butyrate feed grade

Sodium butyrate adopt coating technology,the main coating ingredient is particular vegetable.It's function is to direct supply of energy to intestinal epithelial cell.

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Product Details

Sodium Butyrate feed grade

1.Product name: Sodium Butyrate feed grade


2.CAS  No.: 156-54-7


3.Chemical Formula: C4H7NaO2


4. Port: ShangHai


5.Place of  Origin: Zhejiang,China (Mainland)

6.Storage:Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight and high temperature



Direct energy source for intestinal epithelial cells; Repair damaged epithelial cells;Increase intestinal villi height; Increase feed intake,improve the production performance;Improve the group uniformity;Bactericidal and antibacterial, a strong synergy with the antibiotic, and markedly growthpromoting effect. ostimulate effect for suckling piglets and weaning piglets, benefit to elevate weaning weight.



❶ Supply energy directly to intestinal epithelial cells. 

❷ Improve digestion and absorption of the small intestines. 

❸ Improve feed efficiency and cost savings. 

❹ Improve feed intake of weaned piglets. 

❺ Adjust the microecological balance of intestines.


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