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Sodium Butyrate 98% To Raising Chicken

When we do a research toadd 200 mg/kg sodium butyrate preparation (98% sodium butyrate) in broiler diets,it can reduce gastrointestinal pH , increase intestinal VFA levels Increase the activity of digestive enzymes and the ratio of gill glands, increase the beneficial bacteria in the cecum, and reduce the effects of harmful bacteria. The effect is equivalent to Bacitracin zinc and Colistin sulfate.Therefore,it’s essential to take sodium butyrate as a feed additives to chicken.

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Product Details

Product: Sodium butyrate 98% to raising chicken

Active Ingredient: sodium butyrate≥98%   

Coating Ingredient: particular vegetable fat        

Appearance: white particles, uniform color      

Feature: without peculiar smell, good liquidity, good stability


❶ Direct supply of energy to intestinal epithelial cells.

❷ Improve digestion and absorption of the small intestine.

❸ Improve feed efficiency and cost savings.

❹ Improve feed intake of weaned piglets.  

❺ Regulate the balance of intestinal microorganism.

Usage and Dosage:



Storage: Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.

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