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Feed Additives for Pigs Poultry Coated Acidifier Powder formula for Chicken

Product: coated acidifier Appearance: white powder Main ingredient: L-lactic acid, citric acid, fumaric acid, carrier Feature: 1.Less corrosive 2.Less stringent sour 3.Complete biodegradation Function : 4.Increase the intake of piglets, reduce constipation. 5.Strong acidity, able to balance the...

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Product Details

Product: Coated Acidifier   

Appearance: white powder  

Main ingredient:L-lactic acid, citric acid, fumaric acid, carrier  


❶ Less corrosive

❷ Less strong smell of acid

❸ Complete biodegradation


❶ Increase the feed intake of piglets and reduce constipation.  

❷ Strong acidity, able to balance the protein, mineral salt buffer.

❸ Good auxiliary gastric acid supplement and can improve post-weaning stomach enzyme activity and enhance digestion.  

❹ Improve the animal's internal environment and increase animal productivity.

Usage and Dosage:

Used in livestock and poultry such as pig, chicken and bird.

Add 1000~3000 g/t complete feed.

Packaging:25 kg/bag


Keep in a cool and dry place. Use it up as soon as possible after opening and seal tightly after each use.



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