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Coated Zinc Oxide For Piglets

Coated Zinc Oxide For Piglets Product: Coated Zinc Oxide Active Ingredient: zinc oxide=25% Coating Ingredient: stearic acid , sodium carboxymethyl cellulose , palmitic acid Appearance: off white particles Feature: good fluidity , free-flowing , no caking Function : ❶ Promote intestinal...

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Product Details

Product: Coated Zinc Oxide   

Active Ingredient: zinc oxide=25%  

Coating Ingredient:  stearic acid , sodium carboxymethyl cellulose , palmitic acid     

Appearance:  off white particles      


Feature:  good fluidity , free-flowingno caking

Product advantages:

❶Safely through the  stomach, intestines, and targeted release.

❷Use low doses to achieve the high dose of ordinary zinc oxide

❸Avoid the adverse effects of ordinary high zinc use on suckling pigs


❶ Reduce zinc pollution and prevent zinc from exceeding the standard

 Convergence of damaged epithelial cell membrane in the intestine, reducing intestinal fluid leakage and reducing diarrhea rate

❸Inhibit the adhesion of bacteria in the intestinal mucosa, stop its damage to intestinal mucosal cells, inhibit intestinal pathogenic microorganisms from damage to the intestinal tract, and promote the growth of beneficial bacteria

❹Improve intestinal micro-ecological balance and purify the intestines.

Usage and Dosage:

1kg-4kg for piglets


Storage: Sealed, cool, dry, ventilated place

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