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Acidifiers Feed for Poultry

Our product has a low pH and therefore has an excellent acidification effect; it is rich in high levels of organic acids, plus a unique secretion of gastric acid is conducive to stimulatory factors; good sustained-release properties, high stability make it in dry conditions, Even if it is directly mixed with alkaline feed ingredients such as stone powder and baking soda, no obvious chemical reaction will occur; in addition, it has high fluidity, dispersibility, good mixing ability, unique acid and flavor, no bad irritating odor, and palatability. Good; finally it can also be used directly for baking concentrates, premixes containing baking soda, stone powder.

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Product Details

Product:  Acidifiers feed for  poultry

Appearance: white powder  

Main ingredientL-lactic acid, fumaric acid, carrier ≥50%


❶ Weak corrosive

❷ A little sour

❸ Complete biodegradation


❶ Reduce constipation.  

❷ Promote the growth of lactic acid bacteria

❸ Good auxiliary gastric acid supplement to improve the ability of digestion

❹ As a means to improve animal growth to improve the animal's internal environment

Usage and Dosage:1-3kg/ton

Packaging25 kg/bag

Storage: This product needs to be stored in a cool and dry place. Use it right away after opening.If you dont use please tie it.

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