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50% Acidifier For Poultry

Acidifier is an ideal mixture of organic acid for animal feed, research has shown that the L-lactic acid improves piglet digestive metabolism and physical characteristics by reducing the pH in the stomach and intestines.

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Product Details

Product: 50% Acidifier  for chicken

Appearance: white powder  

Main ingredientL-lactic acid, citric acid,  carrier ≥50%


❶ Poor corrosion

❷ A touch of sourness

❸ Completely biodegradable


(1) Good supplements help stomach acid, improve the activity of gastric enzymes after weaning, and enhance digestion.

(2) Increase the intake of ADG, piglets, and reduce the frequency of diarrhea and FCR.

(3) Strong acidity, which can balance the buffer of proteins, mineral salts and minerals.

(4) Provides broader spectrum control than monoacid products

(5) Rich in lactic acid, fumaric acid and active acidifying agent. It can improve the internal environment of animals and increase the productivity of animals.

(6) Fumaric acid has antioxidant capacity, while citric acid works synergistically with antioxidants. This not only helps preserve VA, VC and other vitamins in the diet, but also helps to get them into the intestines.
Usage and Dosage:3-5kg/ton

Packaging25 kg/bag

Storage:Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature


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